Script to download videos from the Linuxacademy to watch them offline
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Downloader for Linux Academy

This script will download courses from Linux Academy for offline consumption.

Important Notice

Use of this script is for personal consumption of content only. The content this script downloads is protected by copyright and must not be shared.

Good uses

  • Downloading a lesson before embarking to a destination with little or no internet access.
  • Keep lessons you've completed for a personal backup.

Bad uses

  • Uploading the downloaded videos to a content sharing site.
  • Sending copies of the videos to your friends and family.
  • Hoarding lessons for future consumption beyond your subscription period.

Please exercise good judgement when using this script. The folks at Linux Academy work hard to make quality courses and you should support them by paying for a subscription if you can. You may also wish to speak with your employer to find out if they would be willing to pay for your subscription.


Tested on a fresh install of CentOS 7.6 Your installation packet-names may vary depending on your OS.

$ sudo -i

# dnf install epel-release dnf-utils -y
# yum-config-manager --set-enabled PowerTools
# yum-config-manager --add-repo=

# yum install python3 python3-pip git unzip ffmpeg -y
# pip3 install selenium youtube-dl
# cd /opt && git clone
# cd selenium-linuxacademy-dl && chmod +x


You will need Chrome or Firefox and its matching driver.

Chrome example for CentOS

Install Google Chrome and download the appropriate ChromeDriver version. Make sure the chromedriver executable is in your PATH (e.g., /usr/local/bin).

# wget
# yum install ./google-chrome-stable_current_*.rpm

# wget
# unzip
# cp chromedriver /usr/bin/

Firefox example for Debian

Install Mozilla Firefox and download geckodriver.

# apt install firefox

# tar xzf geckodriver-*-linux64.tar.gz
# cp geckodriver /usr/bin/


This will only work with an active Linux Academy subscription. If you do not have one, please get one here.

    ./ [-u|--username] [-p|--password] [-d|--download-dir] [-c|--cookies-file] COURSE_URL

    Options may be replaced with environment variables. Command line options take precedence.

    $ ./ -u -p p@ssw0rd

    $ export
    $ export LADL_PASSWORD=p@ssw0rd
    $ export LADL_DIR=/opt/linux-academy-videos
    $ ./

The username/email and password fields are required. The cookie file will opt to $PWD/cookies.txt and the download directory will default to $SCRIPT_DIR/download, where $SCRIPT_DIR is the path of the script.