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.model small ; It's a flaw of mine ... I really like this model
; I know I should do a .com with the tiny model..
; but I just love the small :>
.stack 100h ; Plenty stack ;>
info db 30 dup (0)
right db 'Right CD$'
wrong db 'Wrong CD$'
nomscdex db 'MSCDEX not installed$'
mov ax, @data ; Make DS&ES point to the DATA
mov ds,ax
mov es,ax
lea edx, nomscdex
xor ebx,ebx
mov eax, 1500h ; MSCDEX installed?
int 2fh
test ebx,ebx
jz exit
mov edi,10h
mov ecx,edi
mov ax, 150bh ; is drive ECX supported by MSCDEX (is it a cdrom?)
int 2fh
test ax,ax ; ax!=0 if drive is CDrom
jz continiue
mov ax, 440dh
mov dx, offset info
mov bl,5
mov ch,8
mov cl,66h
int 21h ; Fetch volume serial number (same as when you do dir)
mov eax, dword ptr [info+2]
cmp eax, 0ffb7f724h; ;<<<<calibrate this to fit your own "right" CD
jnz continiue
lea edx, right
jmp exit
dec edi ; next drive
jnz nextloop
lea edx, wrong ; not in any drive!
mov ah, 9h
int 21h
mov ax,4c00h ; terminate!
int 21h