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subttl -
;;FUNCTION: Sets and returns switch char-
;; acter and device availability.
;; ret= _charop(al,dl)
;; int ret; DL return value,
;; int al; charoper function
;; int dl; charoper data
;; See the DOS docs for details.
;;_charop(0,0) returns the ASCII switch char,
;;_charop(1,'-') sets the switch to -,
;;_charop(2,0) returns device availability,
;;_charop(3,i) sets device availability.
;;LONG 32 bits (4 bytes)
;;INT 16 bits (2 bytes)
;;CHAR 8 bits (1 byte)
pgroup group prog
prog segment byte public 'prog'
assume cs:pgroup,ds:pgroup
public _charop
_charop proc near
push bp
mov bp,sp
mov al,[bp+4]
mov dl,[bp+6]
mov ah,55
int 33
mov al,dl
mov ah,0
pop bp
_charop endp
prog ends