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; test1.asm
; This program uses flat real mode to read the contents of arbitrary
; memory locations to the screen. It assumes that flat real mode (4G
; limit) is already in place for the FS segment.
; This code is intended to be run on a Pentium or better.
; To assemble:
; using Microsoft's MASM 6.11 or better
; ml /Fl flatmode.asm
; or Borland's TASM version 4.0 or better
; tasm /la /m2 flatmode.asm
; tlink /Tdc flatmode
.model tiny
ORG 100h
call fillscreen ; fill the screen using 4G descriptor
mov ax,4c00h ; do a standard DOS exit
int 21h ;
fillscreen proc
mov esi,0FFFFFF70h ; point to ROM
mov edi,0B8000h ; point to screen
mov cx,160 ; just two lines
mov ah,1Eh ; yellow on blue screen attrib
mov al,fs:[esi] ; read ROM byte
mov fs:[edi],ax ; store to screen with attribute
inc esi ; increment source ptr
inc edi ; increment dest ptr by two
inc edi ;
loop myloop ; keep going
ret ; and quit
fillscreen endp
end start