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; pentid.asm
; this program issues the CPUID instruction (valid only on Pentium class
; processors!) and prints three hex digits which correspond to the
; family, model, and stepping ID. If you run this on a 8088, 80386, or
; 80486 processor, it will return to the command line without printing
; anything. If you run this on an 80286, NEC V20 or NEC V30, your machine
; will probably crash. If you're smart enough to run this program only
; on Pentium machines, you can remove all the code between Start and
; RealTest and you'll reduce the code size from 84 to 49 bytes.
; TASM /m2 pentid ; two pass mode
; TLINK /Tdc pentid ; link as COM file
.MODEL tiny
.586 ; allow Pentium instructions
ORG 100h
pushf ; assure this is a Pentium
pop ax ; flags in ax
rol ah,1 ; put EFLAGS reserved bit 15 in CF
sahf ; store in regular flags
jc BailOut ; if carry flag set, it's an 8088!
; assume we're 80386+ (80286 users prepare for crash)
pushfd ; push EFLAGS
pop eax ; now pull them into reg
mov ecx,eax ; save original copy in ECX
xor eax,00200000h ; flip bit 21 (CPUID capable)
push eax ; pass altered flags back on stack
popfd ; allow cpu to balk
pushfd ; see what it did with our flag
pop eax ; let's test...
cmp eax,ecx ; if bit can't be flipped it's
je BailOut ; not a Pentium processor
RealTest: ;
xor eax,eax ; clear eax
inc al ; put a 1 in eax
cpuid ; opcode is 0fh 0a2h
mov bx,ax ; save the lower 16 bits
call hex ; convert low nybble (step ID)
mov ah,'$' ; add terminator char
push ax ; put it on stack
mov ax,bx ; recall other bits
shr al,4 ; get 'em all lined up
call hex ; convert middle nybble (model)
xchg al,ah ; swap results
call hex ; convert third nybble (family)
push ax ; put that on stack, too
mov dx,sp ; print the stack (!)
mov ah,9h ; print string function
int 21h ; DOS interrupt
pop eax ; restore stack
mov al,bl ; recall original value
mov ah,4Ch ; terminate program with
int 21h ; model & stepping ID as errcode
; convert low nybble of al to ASCII char.
; al = {00h - 0Fh } becomes al = { '0'-'9', 'A'-'F' }
hex proc
and al,0Fh ; use only low nybble in al
cmp al,0Ah ; set CY flag appropriately
sbb al,69h ; al = al - 069h - (al > 10)
das ; al = 30h-39h or 41h-45h
ret ; pass back our result
hex endp
END Start